Life Goes On

Don’t let dis pretty face fool u. Dis chick think she a gangsta. Alwayz wanna fight someone. Smfh! she think cuz she a lefty and big for her age she can fight boyz. shorty came home one day nd was like yo i got into like 6 fights 2day. Shorty would fight a grown azz man if she get a chance. Nd i laugh at ha cuz she a lefty and it’s funny how she eat, funny. but she heavy handed

Parents V.S children

Why is it dat in life parents cant love dere children and let dem have fun at da same time? Some parents r overly protective and want the best for there children. But where’s the trust. They say u need trust in every relationship. Den y is it dat parents cant trust there children. For example, if u cant trust ur daughters judgement on who she date and u tell her never c dat guy again. What do u think she gonna do? Sneak out and c him anywayz!

U try 2 b overly protective and it jus pushs kids away from dere parents and cause dem 2 do bad things. In life sometimes we jus need 2 learn the hard way!  

Lets not make it a parents V.S Children war. Just listen 2 ur parents sometimes there right u no. Lol like dat time my mom told my ll sis not 2 go skool on da last day, She aint listen and she went den came home crying cuz dese 2 girls punched her in da face 4 no reason den da whole family ended up beating da crap out of da whole grimmy 90z park. smh. but it was fun. Family bonding :-)

Big Azz WaterFight in front my crib now! If yall wanna have fun come :-)


OMG! Had da best frigga day every. So far my week has been awesome and no one can stop dat shit. Monday, I went 2 da beach wif da fam. and went 2 c my bestie b4 she left 4 Jamaica. Tuesday, I went 2 chill wif my babe and bestie in da park. lmao oh yea dat was hella fun. And Today woah Today, I had a waterfight in front my house den i was chilling wif da babez in front da crib

Omg, Idk wat 2 say. Iight I freaking love dis girl pretty much someup everything i wanna say. She alwayz dere 4 me :-) and she an awesome dancer. love u kitkat

Dis is my chuncky. My lil bro Jason. I love dis boy 2 death,nd if he hurt so is his big sis. Idk one word 2 describe him. He’s cute, funny, crazy, and has a little bit of anger problems like his big sis. lol.